September 6, 2007

Forget about giant robots, crazy spies that came back for the second time to kick some ass, or a couple of cops that are in Paris to kick more ass because the movie that is gonna kick every other movies’ ass is SUPERBAD !!! Okay, maybe not, but the movie is awesome anyway.

 This movie was my program for a Saturday night. I know it’s kinda lame to go to the movies by yourself but the movie paid off and I had a great time, it surpassed my expectations.

The movie tells the story of three friends and their last week together before they go to college. Sounds familiar ?! Who liked American Pie (1, 2, 3, 4, and all the others that I can’t remember…) it’s definetelly gonna like Superbad. I personally like Superbad better because it gots more dialogues that are really funny and well written compared to the crazy situations that Jimbo and his friends got themselves into.

Oh, and pay attention when Kevin Corrigan (he plays Eddie in “Grounded for Life“) appears. He’s wearing the shirt of the brazilian national team !!! Awesome !!! And even though he’s a badass, it was great to see the shirt for my country in the movie…

And the highlight of the movie is when the cops appears… ALL THE TIMES THEY APPEAR !!! I laughed so hard at all the times they’ve appeared that I might have strained a muscle or something, honestly.

After you’ve seen it, you gonna think about changing your name to McLovin ! ! ! You know I did… maybe ?!

Later  😀


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