My Nike and Jackie Chan

September 8, 2007

There’s nothing as good to start a post as just saying JACKIE CHAN !!! Yeah, now you guys try… no? Okay, I understand.  I don’t know about you guys, but he is my favorite action actor of all time ! Yeah, because everybody can be strong and everything (sorry Arnold, Sylvester, Vin Diesel and everybody else). Don’t get me wrong, those guys kick ass, but Jackie not only can fight but he doesn’t need any stuntman to kick ass. And not to mention his kung-fu is amazing !!! If you like old chinese movies, you should see Drunken Master, my favorite movie of him.

If you think that I exaggerating: check this out…

I saw Rush Hour 3  and I gotta say it: it was kinda disappointing. The movie was good, it gots beautiful shots of Paris but for the time they spent to do it and since it’s a Jackie Chan movie, I was expecting more. And mainly because I watched the first two Rush Hour a hundred times each I was hoping for something much bigger and better… maybe it was just too much expectation since I’m a huge Jackie fan.

But on the other hand, Chris Tucker was amazing at this Rush Hour and the french cab-driver was also very good. If you like Jackie Chan and comedy, you’re gonna like this movie…

Final question: Who would win a fight, Jackie Chan or Jet Li ?! All I know is that if those two fight each other, the Universe will colapse. I heard a rumour that they were making a movie together. Could you imagine that ?! You know that only certain people could watch that movie, right ?! Since there’s so much action on the screen, the only guys who would survive this movie would be: Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer, Charles Bronson, Kratos, and so on… THE BEST MOVIE EVER !!!



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