Heroes: Kindred Spirits

October 9, 2007

Damn… I’ve just finished watching the third episode of the second season of HEROES, and I gotta say: How do they manage to turn everything up at each episode ?! When you think that things are going down on one way and you already have some things on your mind about the things that are about to happen… WELL, GUESS WHAT ?! WE’RE NOT GOING THAT WAY! JUST SCREWING WITH YOU GUYS ! ! !

Even tough I hate to wait for next week for another episode I gotta admit that this season started really good. Congratulations to the writing staff of HEROES !!! You guys rock !!! Keep blowing our minds away, okay ?!

Well, I’m too tired to write anything else and since it has been a while since my last post, I think it’s okay to call it a day…

See ya later ! 😀


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