Jackie Chan

November 26, 2007

Jackie with his parents, Charles and Lee-lee Chan




Jackie’s first appearance along with other members of the Peking Opera school



Bruce Lee and Jackie having a “minor disagreement”



Cover of the DVD of Jackie Chan movie that is considered to be his first big hit


Cover of Jackie’s most “dangerous” movie



Logo for Jackie’s Foundation


Animated series that made many kids even more fond of Jackie Chan


Foundation that has the project to build schools for children for a dollar






Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same movie ?! HERE COMES TROUBLE !!!


I wonder if Jackie will use a stunt for this movie…


Cover of one of Jackie’s albums



Lei Wulong from video-game Tekken. Any resemblance is coincidental ?


Interesting videos:


Power of money

November 20, 2007

After a weekend in Las Vegas, I can clearly see the true power of money. No, I did not win (or even played) in the casinos, but maybe I gave more attention to details that most do not care about, or perhaps I think too much and have the craziness to think about stuff all the time.

Despite the fact that I did not go to the pool, I really liked my stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. There were many cool things that I liked, including the bedroom (and the bed), all the lasting memories of the world of music, the wall devoted to King Elvis, the numerous guitars on the walls and all the others attractions that I did not see due to my little “free time” when I wasn’t sleeping… seriously, I was not kidding about the awesomeness of the bed.

However, when I was walking on Las Vegas Blvd and seeing all the casinos and hotels, I couldn’t help but start to think about the amount of money required to build this town in the middle of the desert and supply it with everything needed to entertain so many people. From prostitutes, through magicians and Cirque-du-Soleil, this town really has it all ! It is not up to me to judge if this is a good or a bad thing, but I was impressed with the magnitude of some hotels, such as the Bellagio that draws so many peope to see its famous fountain. I cannot describe how does it feel to see water dancing according to the music; you can almost see people dancing instead of water flowing.

To conclude, Las Vegas in the evening is not the same as Las Vegas in the morning. The streets only come to life, when night comes and the whole city lights up. This town exists on the sole purpose to prove that, with unlimited money, mankind can reshape even the hazardous environment making it into an attraction alone, even better than any Cirque-du-Soleil performance.

White dwarf or Supernova ?

November 16, 2007

When the time comes, which are you gonna be, a white dwarf or a supernova ?

In order to die, one must live. But how we live is the key to achieve a meaningful life and make our little time here count for something. Even though some might say that the purpose you search in life is awful and do not matter anything, you should not listen to them. Who are they to tell you what is or what is not important to you ?

When my time comes, I hope to become a supernova and pray to God my existence will influence others and entrust my best qualities among the ones I love and cherish. In order to improve this world to the next generations, I need to be the very best man that I can possibly become, and make sure that my children will surpass me and evolve into more valuable people for the humanity than I ever was…

This is the only way possible to fix the numerous problems that exist today: starvation, war, despair and many other bad things that look much worse than the Four Riders. The worst part is that we are doing these things to ourselves. We no longer require such entities as the “legendary” Four Riders of the Apocalypse to bring us an end. Not only we are extinguishing other people but the whole planet that we live on, as well the other creatures that live here.

I will do my best to become a Supernova and just hope that my burst have a meaning, not only light that faded away…