Power of money

November 20, 2007

After a weekend in Las Vegas, I can clearly see the true power of money. No, I did not win (or even played) in the casinos, but maybe I gave more attention to details that most do not care about, or perhaps I think too much and have the craziness to think about stuff all the time.

Despite the fact that I did not go to the pool, I really liked my stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. There were many cool things that I liked, including the bedroom (and the bed), all the lasting memories of the world of music, the wall devoted to King Elvis, the numerous guitars on the walls and all the others attractions that I did not see due to my little “free time” when I wasn’t sleeping… seriously, I was not kidding about the awesomeness of the bed.

However, when I was walking on Las Vegas Blvd and seeing all the casinos and hotels, I couldn’t help but start to think about the amount of money required to build this town in the middle of the desert and supply it with everything needed to entertain so many people. From prostitutes, through magicians and Cirque-du-Soleil, this town really has it all ! It is not up to me to judge if this is a good or a bad thing, but I was impressed with the magnitude of some hotels, such as the Bellagio that draws so many peope to see its famous fountain. I cannot describe how does it feel to see water dancing according to the music; you can almost see people dancing instead of water flowing.

To conclude, Las Vegas in the evening is not the same as Las Vegas in the morning. The streets only come to life, when night comes and the whole city lights up. This town exists on the sole purpose to prove that, with unlimited money, mankind can reshape even the hazardous environment making it into an attraction alone, even better than any Cirque-du-Soleil performance.


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