New beginning

December 10, 2007

Yup, that’s right. Everything that has a beginning has an end. So why we focus only when good things come to an end ?! I think that in someway humanity has always been ingrate when things are terminal. We tend to overlook when suffering ends giving a new beginning and a new perspective to life itself…

Without further due, I will try to stick with the purpose of this post and not let my mind wander too much (if possible). In about two weeks, I will return to my home country, and after six months here in America there were many things that I learned, especially the English language and for that I am very grateful. But above a language, I learned much more than to communicate with others, I learned about life, about human behavior and mainly about myself. Not to mention all the “academic” knowledge from the courses that I took at UCSD.

I discovered new taste for music, food and for friends. Found out more about some music genres that I did not know much about, countries and cultures that I had no idea either where they were located or what were their national food and discovered how curious I am about life, about learning about new cultures, new places, new people.

This experience will always be on my mind and I will use all that I learned here to make the best of my journey back to my “normal” life. I am afraid that I will not see most of the people that I met here never again in my life, but the memories that we had together will be more than enough to grant a special place for all of them on my mind.

After these six months, I have realized how big the world actually is and how insignificant we can be if we do not commit ourselves to a purpose, whatever it may be… For me ?! I think I found mine, but it is a little too early to be sure. But who knows ?! Maybe you will get to know what my purpose is. What about yours ?! Have you found one yet ?!


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